The Team

The International League of Producers are a worldwide team of vocalists, musicians, producers and sound engineers whom work with various genres of music, which is predominantly accompanied by strong and opinionated Hip Hop vocals as well as the soulful singing of a few great singers on the roster.

ILP collectively specializes in being a cohesive unit, a unique and underground creative force with no external puppet-masters pulling the strings. The team takes pride in having strong synergy which is driven by detailed communication and organization.

ILP's majority audience consists of folks who are seeking real depth and substance in the music which these days seems to be lost on us, especially in the mainstream industry. Consider this as a certified disclaimer: ILP is about content and non-conformity, avoiding trends and blazing their own path.

ILP is always reviewing new applications for membership, but they're looking for specific people who can not only identify with their vision, but can also bring something to the table. If you feel like you're a good fit with ILP please APPLY now!


Meet the ILP team! Here you can find basic information, contact information as well as links to each individual ILP member's music hosted on various sites.

  • canada


    • Conscious Entity Sound

      Name: Justin St. Charles
      Genre: Rock, Hip Hop, Sound Alchemy

      conscious entity sound

  • usa

    United States of America

    • Beyond Evolution

      Name: Clay Chagas
      Genre: Liquid Drum & Bass, Chillout, Orchestral, Hip Hop and Electronic

    • Dominic Snow

      Name: Alexander Pace
      Genre: Rap, Hip Hop

    • HugheyMusic

      Name: Mike Hughey
      Genre: R&B, Rap, Hip Hop

    • Jake B

      Name: Jake Buzzard
      Genre: Rap, Hip Hop

    • Josh Hype

      Name: Josh Patton
      Genre: Rap, Hip Hop

    • Oracle Kai

      Name: Malachi Goodman
      Genre: Electronica, IDM, PsyTrance, Synth-Pop, Industrial, NeoClassical

      oracle kai

    • Ranu Sartors

      Name: Ranu Sartors
      Genre: Hip Hop, R&B, Rap

  • mexico


    • NUWMA

      Name: Dani Miranda
      Genre: Hip Hop, Electronic


  • brazil


    • IsaacBeatz

      Name: Isaac Cruz
      Genre: Various


  • germany


    • Mr. Dirua

      Name: Yuriy Matviyenko
      Genre: Hip Hop, R&B

    • VivaLaVandalize

      Name: Eric Viva
      Genre: Melodic Dubstep, Rap and Ambient


  • poland


    • F.a.z.z.

      Name: Marcin Szelag
      Genre: Hip Hop, DNB, Breakbeat


    • Ma1

      Name: Ma Ras
      Genre: Hip Hop, Rap, Electronic

    • Raizin

      Name: Andrzej Matalowski
      Genre: Hip Hop, Rap, Trap

  • france


    • Levy Harlington

      Name: Levy Harlington
      Genre: Electronic

      Levy Harlington

  • switzerland


    • RaWBeatz

      Name: Lars Jossi
      Genre: Electronic, EDM, Hip Hop, Rap

  • croatia


    • Deliriy

      Name: Filip Stajer
      Genre: Electronic

  • belarus


    • Kouilid

      Name: Kouilid St
      Genre: Electronic

  • portugal


    • Brutz

      Name: Ze Nuno
      Genre: Electronica, House, Dubstep


  • austria


    • Gelee Royal

      Name: Gelee Royal
      Genre: Drum and Bass

      Gelee Royal

  • Tanzania


    • KonaBeats

      Name: KonaBeats
      Genre: Hip Hop, Rap, Electronic

  • australia


    • Equivalent

      Name: Marno De Bruyn
      Genre: Electronic, Trap, Hip-hop, Trip-Hop


    • Tribal

      Name: Grant Wilson
      Genre: Electronic, R&B, Hip-hop, EDM, Rap, Trap, Soul

  • new zealand

    New Zealand

    • -STOIC-

      Name: David Wright
      Genre: Various, Electronic

  • taiwan


    • Harrix

      Name: Harry Huang
      Genre: Electronic

  • Japan


    • DJ OldKey

      Name: Tadashi Soma
      Genre: Hip Hop, Rap, EDM

      DJ Old Key




All remix downloads are free but donations are always welcome.


Find frequent ILP updates here!


In order to apply to become a member of ILP there are a few requirements which first MUST be met.

  • You must be a seasoned producer! If you're new but have talent, you must be able to showcase at least 5 examples (songs) of your potential.
  • You must speak English well enough to adequately communicate with others, communication is a crucial component of ILP.
  • You must be willing to release free music in compliance with ILP's system of operations. Creativity + Community + Collaboration + Free Music = EXPOSURE.
  • You must never attempt to turn a profit with anything ILP related. Any attempt to do so will result in a permanent ban from ILP as well as legal action.
  • You must never inject negativity, drama nor politics into the ILP brotherhood. Leave controversy to the media. ILP is about music.
  • You must understand that everyone's opinions/ideas are valid and deserve to be heard. No one should be minimized for lack of experience.
  • You must never seize any ILP property (generated samples/loops) for personal use without exclusive consent from the respective creator/creators.
  • When a new original ILP track is released you must be willing to promote the song on your social media platforms as well as orally when there are opportunities to do so.
  • Must be willing to go through a recruiting process by submitting between 5-7 mixes (remixes or originals) for ILP before becoming a full and permanent member.

If you meet these requirements, please fill out the form below and drop some links to where you can be found and heard! Thanks for your interest!

- Team ILP